Vicente Aleixandre,

Letter from Vicente Aleixandre to Claudio Rodríguez, 1953

Madrid, April 2nd, 1953, Mr. Claudio R. García

My dear friend: I have received your letter, together with the poem you have finished at 21. Since you are interested in my impression, I will tell you that I feel before something authentic and real. I have read your poem thoroughly and I am surprised to see such a young man with such a command of the word, more proper for a very elaborated poet. Your inebriation cannot be more lucid. Its expressive accuracy is almost constant, and in its best parts it tightens up to the limit. Moreover, there is an order disclosed in the lyric movement, which allows for a complex, yet not unclear development.
I suppose that you have worked considerably on the poem, and that there is a background to it. Since nobody stems out of nowhere, part of your trajectory can also be seen in you, and we must congratulate ourselves for it. Discovering a new poet is a satisfaction for me, and not such a common thing, by the way. Everything has its future and its risk, and you are no doubt aware of it. But poetry is a victory as well, and through this poem, you are showing your excellent weapons to me. I can tell you that these verses are the ones I have been most interested in, concerning a new poet, for months.
When you are in Madrid, if you like it, you can visit us and we will talk. Please phone me up before, so as to agree on a date. My number is 334794.
Your friend, Vicente Aleixandre