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Alianza y condena

The Flight of Celebration (1976): This collection includes a painful reflection about the carnality of love, regarded as the conceptual and material salvation of the poet and of everything that makes us, including fear and awareness of the vital tedium.

El vuelo de la celebración, Madrid, Visor, 1976, 72 p., (Poesía, 69).

- Madrid, La Palma, 1992, 74 p., (Retorno, 1).
- Zamora, Instituto de Estudios Zamoranos Florián de Ocampo, Seminario Permanente Claudio Rodríguez, 2009.


How well I know the cotton and the thread of this pillow
wounded by my dreams,
bewept and deserted,
where I grew up for fifteen years.
Indeed, it was on this pillow from which my eyes
saw the sky
and the purity of dawn
and the night’s splendour
when sweat, a very orphaned thief, and the transparent fruit
of my innocence, and the germination of the body
were already almost joy.

The trembling bed
where the nightmare became flesh,
where the breathing was fertile,
audacious as the rain,
with its bright fabric and with no ash.

And my bed was a nest
and now it’s vermin;
its wood now without varnish, dark,
without protection.

I won’t sleep again in this hurt, in this
wrapped in debris, without a turndown,
without love or family:
amid the red-hot slags.

And at the same time I want to get warm
in it, to see
how dawn breaks, how
light hits me on the face, here, in my bed.
Yours, father of mine, mother of mine,
siblings of mine,
where my salvation was your death.

Translated by Luis Ingelmo and Michael Smith, Collected Poems / Poesía Completa 1953-1991. Exeter. Shearsman Books, 2008.